Unblur Extension

If you try to use course hero without an account you will only see blurry documents.  To combat this we created a plugin called CHDL that enables you to unblur documents for free.

To support development of this plugin we ask you give a small donation.  You can also get our plugin for free by completing a quick survey.

How to install the extension

Once you have downloaded the extension you will still need to install it. Start by extracting the .zip to its own folder somewhere easy to find like the desktop.  You can use free tools like winRar or 7-zip to accomplish this.

extract course hero hack extension

Extract the zip to its own folder

Navigate to Extensions

Next click on chrome’s options and navigate to more tools and then click extensions.  This is not a chrome store plugin and it needs to be installed by hand.


Course Hero Unblur step 2

Navigate to extensions under more tools

Install it

Next you need to tick the ‘developer mode’ box, this will allow you some new options.  One option is ‘load unpacked extensions’, click this and navigate to the ‘Min’ folder contained in the folder you extracted earlier. Then click ‘okay’.

course hero extension install step 3

Tick the developer options box and then load unpacked file

And thats it! Your new course hero tool is installed and ready to use.

Using the extension to get free course hero

To use the extension you need to be on the blurred document page of CourseHero while signed in.  You can ether right click or click the CHDL icon on the toolbar to begin the download.

Using chdl to get free course hero

Right click and navigate to chdl

The extension works through a permission bug on CourseHero’s end that fails to check what files users should be able to access.  The plugin is a way to hack this permission error and get course hero for free, albeit you will need to use chdl alot.

Singular file downloads seem to have a very high success rate when the entire document is shown (even if most pages are blurred).

Try out the “Download all files from this course.” option to start downloading relevant files.