How can I get a Free Course Hero Account?

Theres three legit ways to do it.  You can upload documents you find on the internet(easy to do), or college classes.  You can also review classes you have already taken which gives you $10 credit for every three reviews.  If you uploaded high quality and useful documents you will get unlocks and likes for even more course hero credit.

Thats great but what if I don’t want to upload documents? I want hacks.

If all you want is a big list of accounts and passwords you can check sites made for holding accounts.

I explain these on the home page as well but they are a place where botters can place accounts they have scraped online.  They post them their to earn advertisement money and they rarely work, but its worth a shot if you’re desperate.  Purely for experimentation I used bug me not every day and about once every two weeks there would be a working course hero account and password for free.

Don’t believe people that tell you you can generate accounts and passwords out of thin air, thats not how the internet or hacking works. They are only telling you so for advertising reasons.

How can I un-blur the documents on Course Hero?

This is another thing that just isn’t possible unless you are an extremely skilled hacker, in which case you would just grab the docs off of Course Hero’s servers.  The bluring isn’t done on your side of the internet, it is done on their servers and then sent to you.  It impossible unless you want to break some major laws just to get a $1 document and save 10 minutes of uploading.