Accounts List

We maintain a list of course hero accounts and passwords we obtain through donation and uploading documents en masse.

In keeping with the spirit of this site we do not charge money for access, however we do require a survey.  The survey works as a barrier to entry that lowers the risk of accounts being banned from overuse.  Without a barrier to entry these accounts would be accessible to everyone (including bots) and become banned very quickly. The survey also generates money to fund the creation of new accounts through document uploading.

access accounts and passwords

How to use these accounts

Using the accounts is as simple as using the username and password in course hero.  There is a chance that an account gets used by too many different IP addresses and people at the same time, in this case it could get banned by CourseHero and stop working.

We try to remove any banned accounts as soon as possible, but if an account is not working just try the next one in the list.  The list is updated weekly to keep it as fresh as possible.

Where we get accounts from

We get our accounts from a variety of sources but the main two ways are through donation and our own purchasing of unwanted accounts.

Accounts can be donated for many reasons, for example a student may drop out of school or buy a yearly subscription that persisted through the end of the semester.  Our site offers a way for them to donate the account in exchange for honorable mentions, links to their blogs, and advertising space.

In some cases we offer compensation for a donated account such as a free download of our custom built chdl extension for chrome.