I recently graduated with a major in microbiology and minor in French from the University of Minnesota.   Now I spend my days looking through a microscope and dreaming about traveling.

courseheroforfree.com is a chance for me to practice my web developments skills and hopefully help some people out.  Course Hero isn’t exactly the most ethical company around. They don’t offer free trials and if someone dislikes their service they won’t offer a refund.

I had some friends buy a $120 yearly account on accident thinking it was only billed monthly.  They looked at a few documents and soon realized they had been billed for $120 instead of $10.  Despite it being a complete accident Course Hero refused to refund them.

Don’t get me wrong Course Hero is a great resource but I have a love hate relationship with it.  Its useful, but to look up a few documents it is not worth $40.  The company baits people in who have an urgent homework deadline.  This website is a way to get back at the big corporations who take advantage of the little guy.