What Makes a Course Hero Document Popular?

The holy grail of course hero document uploading is to have one of your documents go viral. I’ve seen some of my uploaded documents get over 500 unlocks and 300 likes. At 1 credit per unlock or like, you do the math, its alot of free course hero.
Just one document can do the work of uploading 500! Therefore it is really important to upload some high quality documents.
But what exactly makes a document popular? Through trial and error i’ve found that it comes down to three main factors.

  • Subject Popularity
  • Length and Clarity
  • Images and Infographics

Picking a popular subject

You need to upload documents that large amounts of people are actually searching for.  If you upload Molecular Beam Epitaxy 8003 course work your reach is not going to be very large.

If on the other hand you upload something like “Spanish Grammar Basics” or “Algebra Formula Cheatsheet” your document is likely to make thousands of impressions.  The key is to pick the most enrolled in classes in university.

A quick search on statistics sites shows the enroll numbers for the most popular degrees:

  • Business and Management –  125,000
  • Law – 60,000
  • History – 40,000
  • Biosciences – 50,000

Business related documents are always a good place to start. Don’t forget to search with the google operator “pdf:business” to get downloadable documents related to business.

course hero business

Length and clarity of the document

Its important you upload documents that actually help people and make them want to click the like button.  This is what where alot of your free CourseHero credits can be made.

Avoid uploading things that are too specific to any one class, for example a syllabus from 2009 is not going to be a good choice.  Instead try to upload timeless documents that are full of raw information that will put a big smile on the users face.

Too much info in long blocks of text isn’t exactly the best thing either.  People prefer to read things quickly and a phd thesis on spanish grammar isn’t going to help any beginners.  Instead opt for documents with tables, bullet-ed lists, and images.

Upload visual documents to course hero

The documents that are always coming out on top are the ones that are visual, things that have lots of information can still present it visually.  It is generally much easier to digest than naked paragraphs, and it also stands out from the miles and miles of black and white out there on course hero. In other words you will get hundreds of clicks and unlocks purely from creativity, and if its good content get ready for the likes to start flowing in.

visual course hero hack

Example of a visual document


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  1. Cool post, but i don’t really see the need of uploading documents if I use the free accounts

  2. Is that 125,000 people enroll per year in business programs? Or that that many graduate.

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