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There are three main ways to get course hero access for free

  • Shared accounts
  • Extensions and hacks
  • Uploading documents

Free shared accounts through donation

Our site accepts donated accounts from students who no longer need them, we also buy old accounts for anywhere from $1-$5 depending on the time remaining.  We share our collected course hero accounts as a massive list located in the accounts section.

Our sharing system is unique in that you can access our account and password list for free.  The account list is protected by a survey to prevent overuse and lower the risk of account bans.  Any proceeds of the survey go to acquiring more old accounts to share and fund the development of more free course hero tools.

Course Hero Extension

This is a different way to get a course hero account and works through a glitch in the download permissions.  You can download the extension on our official unblur extension page, complete with a guide on how to get this course hero hack working.

If you instead prefer to get free access for an existing account by uploading documents then read the following section on document uploading hacks.

DIY – Free Course Hero Access

The following is a list of the top three most reliable ways to hack course hero yourself.  Keep in mind that these techniques do require a bit of work on your part, but with our tips you will be able to get access to documents within a few hours.

Document Uploading = Free Course Hero

In case you didn’t know, you get free access to Course hero for uploading documents.  Course hero does this to keep increasing their database size.

You can take advantage of this by going out onto the internet, gathering up a few documents, and sharing them on Course Hero.  This is where the fun comes in, theres alot of ways to grab tons of documents at a time and upload them as a batch.  Now that i’ve gotten pretty good using this hack i can upload 100 documents in an hour with 80% approval rating.

Use advanced google search functions to score juicy documents

One amazingly easy way to get documents is to fire up google and use operators.

Type filetype:pdf *subject* and google will only return you pdf documents which you can pick through and upload to course hero for your free access.

For example

filetype:pdf french grammar

filetype:pdf organic chemistry 1101free course hero

You instantly have hundreds of high quality documents at you fingertips.  Ideally you want to pick through these to find the highest quality docs, which have a lower chance of being rejected.

Cross reference with Course Hero

In order to increase the success of this hack you can use course hero to search for class course numbers that already exist.  Then include the course number in your search for tons of documents that will easily pass inspection.

If a document you find in google doesn’t have a course number just try to place it in a pre-existing course of a similar difficulty level. Documents for beginner level would go in 1000-2000 courses, intermediate in 3000-4000, etc.  Label it as an additional resource for the course.

Upload Documents for a Subject you are familiar with

It helps if you know about the subject you are uploading for, if you know nothing about thin film deposition don’t try uploading documents for thin film courses.  Otherwise you will have a high chance of being rejected.

Upload Popular Documents

You get a free unlock every time someone thumbs up or unlocks a document you uploaded.

If you upload high quality documents with tons of info you will see unlocks rolling in everyday.  Once you have a couple hundred documents uploaded you will always have more unlocks than you can spend.  High quality documents are the key to this hack.

Traditional Course Hero account sharing via friends

This isn’t quite a free course hero account but it can be pretty close depending on how many people are in your share group.  You will be finding some people to split the monthly cost of course hero with.

You can share a course hero account with:

  • Friends at School
  • People you meet on forums
  • Account sharing services

The more you trust the people in your group the better, that way you don’t have people running off and switching account details randomly.

Friends and Classmates

If you and four other classmates go in on a 3 month membership you only have to pay $4 a month for all the documents you want. These are also people you know in person and who won’t rip you off.

I’ve had some cool teachers that will let me announce to the class for 40 seconds that i’m getting a course hero account and looking for people who want to share.  This is usually enough to get a solid group started.  I’ve even gotten groups as big as 14 people that grew from 3, we even had a spreadsheet to keep track of all the members.Share course hero accounts with friends

You can use this technique to make some extra money on the side if you want as well.  If you buy a yearly account ($10 a month) and have 10 people paying 5$ a month for access thats an extra $40 a month for you. Enough to help pay for a phone bill, plus you are getting free course hero!


You can use any forums related to university or test prep to advertise you are looking for people to share a course hero account.  Generally its best to send any interested people a private message and exchange Skype details.  Then from Skype you can set up the account together.

This can be a way to find people who are interested in course hero for the long term.  Since you are reaching more people you can advertise for a year account if you want and have success.  A year account is $120 a year or$10 a month.  People are more hesitant to get an entire year, but if you love learning sharing a year account with five people is an amazing catch.

Account Sharing Services

Some websites like fiverr offer cheap ways to get you almost free course hero.  Some services come and go depending on the time of year, but you usually find some accounts to join here.

Hack Course Hero with tools and bots

Now we get to the fun stuff, the following methods are a starting point for your own researching and experimentation.

Automating the document collection process

If you are tech savvy you can cut down the document collection process time by using scraping tools to download large amounts of documents with the click of the button.  This is a wonderful course hero hack that can be quite fun to get working.

A scraping tool works by scanning thousands of web pages and looking for the words you specify.  To collect documents for your course hero account you will want to input text like “French Grammar” “Calc Exam” etc.

course hero hack 3

Example of a scrape tool

To get the hack working you also need to use a footprint like “pdf:” to ensure that the only results gathered are pdf files.

I have set my bot up at night and come back to find over 100,000 documents gathered.  I then upload them as a batch to course hero and get enough credits to get access for months.